New Media & Society 1 February 2011; Vol. 13, No. 2 (2011)

A very popular blog: The internet and the possibilities of publicity
Brenton J. Malin
New Media & Society 2011;13 187-202

Young people, political participation and online postmaterialism in Greece
Yannis Theocharis
New Media & Society 2011;13 203-223

Mapping the road to fun: Natural video game controllers, presence, and game enjoyment
Paul Skalski, Ron Tamborini, Ashleigh Shelton, Michael Buncher, and Pete Lindmark
New Media & Society 2011;13 224-242

The limits of peer production: Some reminders from Max Weber for the network society
Daniel Kreiss, Megan Finn, and Fred Turner
New Media & Society 2011;13 243-259

Understanding e-book users: Uses and gratification expectancy model
Dong-Hee Shin
New Media & Society 2011;13 260-278

Factors influencing the willingness to contribute information to online communities
Xigen Li
New Media & Society 2011;13 279-296

The ‘popular’ culture of internet activism
Tatiana Tatarchevskiy
New Media & Society 2011;13 297-313

Cooperation with the corporation? CNN and the hegemonic cooptation of citizen journalism through iReport.com
Farooq A. Kperogi
New Media & Society 2011;13 314-329

The YouTube Indian: Portrayals of Native Americans on a viral video site
Maria Kopacz and Bessie Lee Lawton
New Media & Society 2011;13 330-349

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Bill D. Herman
New Media & Society 2011;13 350-356

Book review: Esther Milne, Letters, Postcards, Email: Technologies of Presence. New York: Routledge, 2010. 264 pp.: ISBN 0415993288, $95.00 (hbk)
Noah Arceneaux
New Media & Society 2011;13 357-358

Book review: Elihu Katz and Paddy Scannell (eds), The End of Television? Its Impact on the World (So Far). Los Angeles, CA: Sage (for the Academy of Political and Social Sciences), 2009. 236 pp.: ISBN 9781412977661, $22.00 (pbk)
Mark Brewin
New Media & Society 2011;13 359-360